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Surrey Handyman Company are very reliable when it comes to electrical repairs. Their low prices were what initially enticed me to book, but after experiencing their top-quality services and meeting friendly teams I would hire them again and again!

  • Matthew L.

I had a few odd jobs that needed to be handled in my home so I had Surrey Handyman take care of things. There were carpentry jobs and plumbing installations I wanted covered and I was adamant that everything be done by an expert team. This is what I got so I received amazing results. Every job was completed quickly and without any problems.

  • Phil Vaughn

I just needed a few office repairs carried out at my business premises and was passed the details of Handyman Services Surrey. Have been very pleased with the work they've done and impressed with their work ethic and how they approached everything. They did everything they could to minimise disruption to my daily work too.

  • Vivienne W.

The express handyman service from Surrey Handyman Services was without a doubt one of the best services I had ever come across. The customer service alone was excellent, and I felt really respected and valued throughout the whole process. The quality of the completed work was extremely high, which makes the whole thing even better value because the price was so low. I'll never bother to look for another handyman service again. These guys are the only ones I trust!

  • Henry Kavanagh

Home Repairs Surrey helped me out massively with my home renovation project. They incorporated my ideas into their plans and came up with a few of their own that really turned around the state of my house. In my eyes they are truly the nation's number one company for any type of household project. They made a statement with their work and I was extremely delighted with the results. I can't really say anything else!

  • Vanessa Jones

I had moved into a new property and decided that I would really like a handmade kitchen and have it installed by professionals. I called quite a few companies locally who told me they could do part of the job but not the whole thing. Then I called Surrey Handyman Services who told me their handymen were from all trades including carpentry and that they could do the whole job for an amazing price! I hired them straight away and have been completely delighted with the results. The best thing was that they called me a week later to see what I thought about their handyman services.

  • Sophie Elliot